Other Certificate Programs

150 Hour Oriental Herbal Medicine Program

Oriental Herbal Medicine is over 5,000 year old. It is one of the most extensively documented systems of healing. Oriental herbal medicine balances the qi, blood and body fluids,  corrects the dysfunction of internal organs, and dispels pathogenic energy.

It is the careful combination of herbs that produces the desired effect for an individual patient. Herbal formulas stimulate healing in patients and  encourage the body to work more efficiently.This 150 hour course will focus on:

  • Oriental Theory.
  • Individual herbs and their energetics.
  • Formulas and how they are utilized to balance disharmonies.
  • Conducting an herbal therapy evaluation.
  • Contraindications for specific herbs and formulas.
  • How to recognize and treat a wide variety of disharmonies.
  • This class will meet for one weekend a month and assignments for self-study will be given.

Holistic Nutrition Program

Begins July 13, 2013

This 15 week program will teach students the fundamentals of eastern nutrition. We will study the basics of a healthy diet, explore health and disease from a Chinese medicine perspective and learn ways to use food and diet to correct imbalances. Students will learn to assess individual dietary needs and ways to modify the diet to promote health and healing. Classes will be held on Saturday mornings from 9:00 am to 11:00 am at Elements of Healing Holistic Health Center and School of Massage. The cost of the class is $350.00