Massage School


It is our belief that healing happens within each individual.  We all possess this capacity for healing.  Students will learn that as bodyworkers we merely facilitate healing for people.  Students learn how to create space for people to access their own healing potential with unconditional positive regard.  Asian Bodywork is a valuable healing therapy that is needed.  It is our mission to bring ABT to the forefront of the American health care system.

Mission Statement

Our mission in the field of Asian Bodywork Therapy is to:

  1. Provide the highest quality instruction in massage and Classical Chinese medicine.
  2. Raise the level of Asian Bodywork as a therapy and a profession in the health and healing modalities in America.
  3. Teach students to become competent and compassionate leaders in the field of complimentary and alternative medicine.
  4. Promote the highest standards of ethical practice in the field of massage therapy.
  5. Teach students that through the cultivating practices of Qi Gong and meditation, healing comes from within each individual.

Asian Bodywork

Asian bodywork and Chinese medicine has a history of over 5000 years. The oldest medical text in the world, The Huang Di Nei Jing (The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine), has many theories that are still practiced today. Its long history is a testament to its clinical effectiveness.

Ten Month Massage Certificate Program

Elements of Healing’s 500 hour/ten month certificate program teaches the fundamentals of Chinese Medicine within the context of two effectively therapeutic forms of massage. Amma and Shiatsu are different in style, but equally powerful healing modalities. The program will also give students a strong foundation in western anatomy & physiology, pathology and kinesiology. This will give students the ability to work along side and communicate with western medicine practitioners.

This program offers a Certificate of Completion. Our school does not offer college credits, nor does it offer a degree at the commencement of the program. For national certification please refer to the sections in our catalog regarding the NCCAOM and NCBTMB. Massage is not a licensed profession in the state of Vermont. However, having national certification may have its benefits for employment opportunities.


Amma massage is a form of therapeutic bodywork that stimulates the energetic meridians and improves the circulation of Qi, blood, and lymphatic fluid through the use of circular pressure. By utilizing amma’s gentle rocking and vibrational techniques the fundamental substances of the body flow more freely. This will improve a body’s ability to heal itself. Sensitivity to the patient’s needs is developed through different hand exercises and cultivation of one’s own energy is accomplished through the practice of qi gong and tai ji.

Zen Shiatsu

Shiatsu is a complete health care modality that works to correct an individual’s physical and energetic system. Through diagnosing energy imbalances and identifying and addressing disharmonies with the use of pressure along the channels/meridians of the body, greater balance and well-being is achieved. Shiatsu is very effective at treating pain and injuries as well as internal imbalances. It is a form of acupressure that combines pressure with application of gentle stretching, joint rotations and manipulations. By utilizing these methods shiatsu can balance one’s qi, body and spirit.

About Us

Elements of Healing Holistic Health Center & School of Massage began in 2003. Barbara and Scott Moylan met in Acupuncture school and started a health clinic in Long Island, NY. Having experienced first hand the atrocity of 9/11 they began searching for a peaceful environment to raise a family and spread the healing potential of Chinese medicine. In 2003 Elements of Healing was brought to Vermont. The massage program started as a 300 hour program and by demand has grown into the current 500 plus hour program it is today. Barbara and Scott were blessed with a beautiful baby girl in 2006; Scott now directs and teaches the majority of the program while Barbara provides administrative support. Their dream has come, and continues to evolve as students and patients share their needs.